Dear Practice Members,

Hello, my name is Christina Shroyer. We went to the  N.P.O. and learned that our 2 young children should be examined as well.  Up to that point we had been fighting a losing battle with our son Joshua who is 6.  He has had asthma and breathing problems since he was 3 months old and he has been put on many different medications.  In July of 2006, he was diagnosed with a tic disorder, very similar to Turrets Syndrome.  We were given little options.  The medications that they said "could" help were antipsychotic drugs.  We quickly decided no drugs.  Joshua wasn't happy in school, he had a hard time learning.  He knew he had tics but couldn't stop them.  As his parents, it was very frustrating, we felt helpless.  We felt we couldn't help our son feel confident with himself.  Since seeing Dr. Kenny the tics are gone!  That was truly a blessing for us.  He loves learning, he is enjoying basketball and karate with a new found focus, happiness and excitement.

Katlyn is 17 months old and suffered from asthma and ear infections.  She was facing the possibilities of having tubes in her ears.  She was developmentally on track with her verbal skills but lacking fine motor skills.  She mastered many new skills in the following weeks of beginning Chiropractic care.  She is now doing excellent and has not had an ear infection since seeing Dr. Kenny.  She now sleeps better and seems much happier all the time.  She loves toe explore the world around her.  I didn't want to go through all I went through with Joshua, with Katlyn.

Dr. Kenny has helped my children so much.  I really wish someone would have told me about Chiropractic  and how it could help them years ago.  They have suffered so much for so long.  They are happier and healthier now, and that makes the whole family happier and healthier.  The stress levels in our home have come down dramatically  because we aren't so concerned on finding answers for our children that just weren't there.  We are all getting healthier and I owe that to Dr. Kenny.  Thank you for helping us get our lives back and helping us enjoy the life and our children that God has given us.

Thank You,

Ron & Christina

Dear Practice Members,

Hello, my name is Wendy and I first came to the N.P.O. in April 2004 and my son Justin, began care.  When my son first started coming to see Dr. Kenny for Chiropractic care, he was suffering from severe migraine headaches, at least once or twice a week.  Because of these headaches, he was missing school, and was not able to attend other outside activities.  He was no longer able to eat chocolate, have caffeine, and other treats that doctors consider "triggers" for these headaches.  He went through extensive testing including blood draws, and CAT scans to determine the cause of these, but to no avail.  Which is where Dr. Kenny came into the picture and started treated Justin through Chiropractic care.

 Justin had also been on Ritalin since 1999, when he was in the second grade, per the teachers advisement, for the inability to focus.  After having been put on this drug, he became very sensitive, and emotional, very self-conscience and unsure of himself.  he shied away from his friends, and because Ritalin can sometimes stunt growth, he was very tiny for his age, so he was being picked on and bullied at school by his peers.  Once he started seeing Dr. Kenny, within just a couple of weeks, we started seeing fewer and fewer headaches, we saw a happier Justin!  After seeing what he had already accomplished, we decided to take him off Ritalin, and see if he could focus on his own.  That was about a year ago. 

Since then, Justin has gained 17 pounds and is now 5' 2", and still growing at a steady and healthy rate.  He is no longer one of the smallest kids in his class, and maintains good grades without the assistance of medication.  Just a couple more inches, and he and I will see eye to eye, which is a fact that he doesn't often let me forget!

I credit all these changes to Dr. Kenny and his Chiropractic care, he accomplished what many doctors and test could not.  Justin is now a confident, happy young man with a bright and healthy future ahead of him.

Thank You Dr. Kenny


Dear Practice Members,

Hello, my name is Patti Abraham and I first came to the N.P.O. about 1 year ago.  My mother was a patient of Dr. Kenny's and had experienced improvement with overall body pain since beginning treatment.  She tried to convince me to take my daughter to see Dr. Kenny because she had suffered a head injury in a fall and was experiencing severe headaches as a result.  Because of these headaches, she was missing a lot of school and she was irritable to everyone around her because of the pain and was taking pain relievers just to make it through the day. 

I was very skeptical about her seeing a chiropractor because I was not educated in chiropractic care.  My mother had Whitney with her on one of her visits, and came home and told me Dr. Kenny had  just noticed that the way Whitney was carrying her head and neck that things were not right.  I agreed to have Whitney seen and went in with her to have here report of findings.  Since beginning her care she is a totally different girl, she is pain free most of the time, is no longer missing school due to the headaches and if off the pain medications.

I was made a believer in the benefits of chiropractic care not only by Whitney's improvement but my whole family come to Dr. Kenny for care for one reason or another.  He has improved a long time back problem I have had for 7 years and my husband Ken had asthma and has not had to use his inhaler since he started care.  We as a family appreciate Dr. Kenny and all his staff for the overall improvement in our family's health and well being.




My name is Eileen and I'm 66 years old. I lost my hearing in my right ear about 12 years ago, when i flew to Florida to see my brother. I went to see an ear specialist and they did a lot of tests and decided i needed a hearing aid in that ear. Well that didn't work out so good. I then had to rely on my left ear. I went every year for a hearing test and saw a specialist. My last one was in August of 2006, at whcih time they said everything was about the same and to come back in a year.

Well sometime around the last of September I started to notice that I couldn't hear very well out of my left ear. After about 3 weeks I went to my family docotr and he gave me a perscrption to take. It was an antihistamine I took that for a couple of weeks but that didn't help either. I then called my ear specialist and went in to see him. He thought it was a virus and put me on pretizone. I took that for 2 weeks and had to go back to see him again. By now my hearing was so bad I had to go and get fitted for a hearing aid, that was in Feb. They put them in both ears $6400, but I couldn't hear with the one in my right ear, so I just kept the one for my left ear. I still was having problems with new hearing aid and just couldn't hear the T.V. or on the phone. It was hard to understand my grandkids. I was getting very depressed and would cry a lot. I was beside myself on not being able to hear.

I then in April went back to see the ear doctor. He said the next thing to do was go to the ear institute which was in Farmington Hills MI., and have this new advanced hearing test, which they don't do in Toledo, OH. If i got a low score on the test, then the next thing would be surgery. This was to do a cochlear transplant. I really was getting nervous when they told me I was a candidate for the implant and they talked to my husband and my daughter and we all decided that was the only thing left to do to get my hearing better.

I was all set up for the surgery for July 25th 2007. I had to go to my family doctor and get blood work, E.K.G. and chest x-rays. My test all turned out good so i was all ready for surgery.

Then my husband Douglas hurt his back and had to go to Dr. Kenny the Chirpractor in Dundee. While he was there they discussed on how I was doing. Douglas was telling him about my hearing loss about 3.5 weeks before my surgery. Dr. Kenny then told him for me to come and see him and he would do a free cosultation, exam and x-rays. He said he couldn't promise but would try to get my hearing back. I didn't have any faith in him helping me with my hearing, but my back and hip had been hurting so I thought at least he could help me wth those problems. I went the next day go my exam and x-rays and then i was to go back and get the results. All went well and I started last June with the adjustments. I went 3 times a week and my back and hip was feeling better. Then on about the 7th visit I noticed my hearing was getting better in my left ear. I couldn't believe it. I kept on going another 3 or 4 times and my hearing was so much better, I didn't hardly wear my hearing aid. It was almost time to see the surgeon on the 21st of July so on the 18th I went for another hearing test. No one could believe it my hearing was almost back to where it was last Aug. 2006. They all wanted to know what happened and I told them about going to Dr. Kenny, the Chirpractor. They all said it was unbelievable! On the 21st I had to see Dr. Babu, the surgeon. I took him a copy of my hearing test and he also wanted to know what I did. I told him all about the treatments and all he could see is WOW! I never heard of that before. I told him it truly was a Miracle. I know God sent me to Dr. Kenny so that he could help me get my hearing back, and that is what happened. I will always be grateful to Dr. Kenny for what he has done. He has made me the most happiest person in the world. All we have to do is have faith in him! It truly is a Miracle!!! Thank you Dr. Kenny!

P.S. I now have tears of Joy!